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The very best tape is the one used by 1-hour photo labs to attach the film to the leader card in a roller process machine. Its expensive but very strong and it allows you to use the small extended section of film protruding from the felt of the used C-41 cassette, that way you now have a very large supply of cassettes to use and won't have to reuse a cassette too many times and risk scratches.
Beat me to it! When I managed a semi-pro lab, I ordered in an extra roll of tape every so often, as the price was discounted a further 10% when the orders were over $1500.

If you're on good terms with your local film processor, might be able to save some cash - I had a couple of customers who I sold a roll of "Splicing Tape" to, never a problem as I always had enough stock to cover a sudden influx of film for processing.

Great stuff - and yeah, it's as strong as; trying to get it apart off a film leader could sometimes be a strength exercise for the fingers. . . . . . .