Hello, I have one of the Micromega Critical focuser units (Prof. Z. Koana) and it's in fine shape other than the inner elements need a cleaning. Is this a difficult task for someone with limited experience?
Does anyone have any tips/diagrams/info they could share?
If it is not advisable for a home job, does anyone know where I can send my focuser to be cleaned?

This is not fungus, if you wonder. It looks like many tiny dust specs and and overall residue, like maybe someone smoked heavily in the darkroom (hard to describe). It's odd to me that the microscope inside would get dirty. It seems like a pretty closed atmosphere, but it's very distracting when trying to view the grain of a fine grained enlargement.
Should I just get a pair of lens calipers, some lens cleaning supplies, and a few hours and try this myself?

Many kind thanks, I hope everyone has a safe holiday, whatever it might be.

EDIT. Actually, it looks like the bottom element (closest to the mirror) is the main culprit....maybe this is not to bad for a home clean. Opinions sought.