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Yeah, I recently bought a 80mm f5.6 for my Fuji GX680 on ebay while I'm still underway, working on a container vessel and it seems like the seller is an idiot, the communication is very bad and he sent the lens to my own adress, even though I told him to send it to my neighbour's house.
Don't know what made me order stuff that I can't use for another 2 months -.-...
If you paid by PayPal, he would lose any protection if he posted to any other address other than the confirmed address on the PayPal account, I also wouldn't have sent it to an address other than the confirmed address if I didn't know you and you were just a buyer from ebay. Prior to the Auction, I might have been prudent to have asked if he could hold it for you until your return.

Perhaps you should read the PayPal rules and understand them before bidding.