I put together an over-the-shoulder camera strap that connects to the tripod socket of any camera, including the Rollei E I have. A friend warned me about bending the back plate of the Rollei using this carrying method and recommended the Rolleifix plate. Looking at descriptions and photos of the Rolleifix, I'm not certain this would be a fix for supporting the camera upside down by the tripod socket. I.e., the E model has the groves around the tripod socket and the two little mounting holes on the front panel, but is that really sufficient to protect the back plate from warping hanging it upside down? Perhaps I'm missing something?

A photo of the strap is attached.

A corollary question would be, does anyone have one they might sell. KEH has a bargain Rolleifix for $40, but that depends on what they mean by "bargain."

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