I too, just got a chance to get into the darkroom and make a print or two. I appreciated the group allowing me to come along with them to learn more about what they do and how they view their art. I had a great conversation with Gerald Straw and learned a lot. Gary, I was looking forward to see some of the prints of the images you made. They look great! I guess my view of the Sloss foundry is a little different because 50 years ago I saw the place in action, with the heat, smoke, soot, and cinders in the air. My mind brought back thoughts and visions of the men who worked everyday in there. There were no Osha rules and I have been told many lives were lost over the course of years. How would you like to work in a place that was on fire... all the time...? I can think of only one place that is on fire all the time.

I'm sorry, Alfred Stieglitz said he tried to make photographys that told what he saw and how he felt. I was not able to do that, but I can tell you about it and I will attach a couple of photographs I made.