I have used a Nikon PB4 bellows and the 55mm Nikon f/3.5 and 55mm Nikon f/2.8. These give good results for digitizing and making copy negatives. As far as quality is concerned when digitizing the DSLR gives better results than a 4000dpi scanner. I don't think you will be disappointed in the lens for slide copying. You can get the same results without a bellows (which is how I started out to verify the idea could work well). With the Nikon 55mm lenses you need an extension tube to reach 1:1. You will also need to get a light source behind the slide. A light table would work well. I use a flash behind the slide with the diffusion plexiglass in the slide copy attachment. Then getting the whole setup parallel will be required. If you have many slides to copy a bellows with slide copy attachment is definitely the easiest and fastest way. Once setup I can "scan" or copy a whole roll in about 15 minutes.