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Zeiss Ikon had a couple of 126 cameras. One was a very simple point and click model with a Frontar lens, while another is the more complex "Contaflex 126" -- an SLR with a cloth focal-plane shutter and interchangeable lenses. You can argue easily that the Carl Zeiss-branded lenses were much better than the body.

Rollei had the Rollei A26, which was a push-pull affair similar to the A110/E110 cameras. The A26 has a scale-focus Sonnar lens and a bolt-on flash unit with a sealed rechargeable battery.

The Rolleiflex SL26 is a compact SLR with interchangeable Pro-Tessar front elements (akin to the Zeis Ikon Contaflex 35mm SLRs). It has a Synchro-Compur leaf shutter with match-needle manual exposure.

The camera packs a frightening large number of gears and components into a small body, all just begging for some kind of breakdown.

I think that the Rolleiflex SL26 is the best of the four that I mention here, and the A26 isn't too far behind. I'd really like to test the Contaflex 126, but I've given up on trying to find a working body.
This is the Ikomatic, the "simpler" camera that you refer to:

Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic F by Greyscale3, on Flickr

It uses a 15 volt (!!!) battery for the flash.