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I'm actually more concerned they'll get out of making polaroid pack camera film as they're the only ones making the stuff. I suppose "impossible project" could get in that game but they're already charging > $20 US for a eight exposure pack of the 600/SX-70 film. At least their cameras that produce credit card sized prints are apparently selling so hopefully they'll stay or at the very least sell their film division to someone else who want to make it.
I've spoken to TIP(the impossible project) they will NOT be making. Type 100 in that size.

The machines that did make it were destroyed or pieced out before they could afford to buy them, and re-designing is too costly for such a small company, and the manufacturing production line was too big to fit in their factory building for the small amount of runs they do.

That's what they told me.

There's a group in Boston, MA working on type 55 (neg/pos) but they don't seem to be doing large scale just hand made small scale stuff that isn't quite up to par... Yet..

Sucks I agree would be nice...


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