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Genius. Do that with a Rolleifix for easier film loading and it is even more genius!
I did think of one problem with this idea. If you put a single strap along the sides of the camera, it would be in the way of the controls. The advance lever and the focus knob.

However, if instead of a single lug, you used a square plate mounted to the bottom of the camera with a captive screw that is similar to a tripod mount plate, you could connect four thinner straps to the corners of that plate and route them up the sides to connect at the top of the camera. It would look, sort of, like a letter "X".

You would still have to undo this rig whenever you wanted to reload the camera but you would still have to do this if you used an Ever-Ready case, anyway.

The reason I like this idea is because the standard Every-Ready case is made of leather. I had the leather case on my Yashica Mat come apart on me. It needs to be resewn. (If it can be resewn.) A web system made of high-strength Nylon would give more secure support than the leather without the risk of coming apart.