I'd say it comes down to why you want to shoot film.

For me, the appeal is being able to use gorgeously made old cameras (and being able to replace them for pennies if needed). My favoured bodies won't use the latest Pentax lenses as they lack an aperture ring, so I also have a few '80s 35mm bodies as that way I can use an FA-J 18-35mm to get a non-fisheye 18mm lens.

If being able to use your existing lenses is important then you will need to pick a body which can set the aperture. However, this won't handle like the K1000 and will probably feel much like using your DSLR.

If you liked the K1000 then look at a KX or K2. The KX is basically a K1000 with a few upgrades - you get a self timer, shutter speed and aperture are displayed in the viewfinder, you also get mirror lockup and DOF preview.

The K2 looks and feels similar but has an electronic metal shutter and Av mode. You don't get the viewfinder aperture display (unless you find a K2 DMD) but it'll meter and shoot exposures from 1/1000 to 8 seconds on auto or manual mode. Flash sync is 1/125 rather than the 1/60 of the KX/K1000 and the speeds from 1/1000 down to 1/125 and B will work without batteries.

You could of course just buy an LX but those tend to cost a lot more!