Ok, long story short. I shoot 35mm about 5 times a year, (my main format is 4x5) I have a Nikon 14-24 that I've used literally 6 times in the past 2 years. I use my 50mm 80% of the time, followed by my 70-200.

I've been thinking of trading or selling the 14-24 and picking up a 24-70 since most of my shooting is the the 50mm range, and the 24-70 will give me more options as far as focal length goes, and really the only time I switch from the 50 is when I want to use the 70-200, and that's usually at 70mm anyway for portraits.

What would you do? Hold onto it, just in case, or get rid of it and get the 24-70? Or should I just get a 24mm and a 85mm prime?