Yes a Leica is a good investment if the revenue is a large sum of great photos ;-) I wonīt consider it a financial investment, though they have held their value better than letīs say an EOS Rebel Ti. I have dreamed of a Leica R8 or R9 10 years ago but it was way out of my reach. Now they can be had as NOS or "like new" for some hundred bucks. Have seen a R8 "in box like new" for 400 Euro some time ago offered by a dealer! However some lenses do command insane priced nowadays, because more and more people are using them for digital. That goes for Leica as well as Hasselblad and even old M42 screw stuff. The prices for East German M42 lenses have quadrupled during the last 10 years. Even simple stuff like Tessars is getting crazy high bids on Ebay today. If I only could have been known