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Good luck with the Scala sheet film search, hope you are lucky and find some.

Have you thought of giving dry reversed Ilford Delta a try in sheets? Years ago I used a lot of Scala, but then switched to dr5 processed Delta 100. I found this to have much greater tonal range and image latitude (see my APUG gallery / portfolio), and much easier to use than Scala. I've since had 100's of rolls processed by dr5, all have been spotlessly clean and fabulous processing quality.

I took a look at your photographs --grand, just grand. I like that sense of texture, strong edges, and contrast very much.

I am confused about what you are doing. I am not looking to reverse the Scala (unless of course I should be for some reason). In other words, I want to make prints, not slides. What do you mean when you mention "dry reversed" Delta? And when you recommend "dr5 processed Delta 100" do you mean reversed Delta 100 or some other negative development process? I am assuming that your gallery consists of prints, not slide images, right? What are you printing on? I am totally upside down here, please fill me in. In any case, I already like Delta 100 quite a bit, and if I can somehow get the hit out of it that you are getting, then it seems that there is still some sort of chance that I could be happy. Thank you! --Joe