Hi everyone and thanks for having me on this amazing forum. I'm looking at buying a Camulet 4 x 5 monorail camera to do portraits in my studio under monoblocs and before I do, I have a few questions that no amount of searching the internet has so far been able to completely clarify. If there is anyone out there who can help me, I'd be very grateful.

1. Are medium format lenses and shutter separate items that are a required purchase separately? After looking at Keh, it seems that some of the lenses have built in shutters and other older ones screw in and the shutter is a separate entity, is this correct?

2. I imagine I'll have to connect my key light through a synch lead. Do these 4 x 5 set ups take a standard modern synch lead and if so, where on the combination does it attach?

3 My work involves taking the same colour portrait with a different subject every time. Basically head and shoulders. Can anyone suggest a good portrait lens from the current Keh stock? Since my work is currently done on 35mm, I have been using an 85mm f1.4 so I was thinking perhaps a 150 or a 210mm, is this correct?

4. In terms of shutter speed selection, do view camera shutters offer the same range of speeds? I currently shoot everything at 1/200 at f5.6 at 100 but I have heard that this all goes out the window when you are using a view camera.

5. Can anyone recommend a tripod for this set up which won't leave me bankrupt?

6. In terms of film, I have heard that you can load your own (I'd have to use a bag so have dust risk) or you can purchase film 'pre-packaged' - can anyone tell me what the general term for this 'pre-packaged' film is so I don't appear like a half wit when I ring the camera store.

7. Lastly, I assume I buy a board with a hole in the middle for the lens. There seems to be a lot of variety in this simple item. Some list several holes as a feature which I can't get my head around. Do I just buy a 4 x 5 board?

Thank you in advance. I'm hoping to place an order with Keh as soon as I have these questions clarified. Have a fantastic Christmas and a happy and successful New Year. Cheers Chris