Try the Feeestyle E6 kit. I like it. Also, C41 kits can be had for $20 US. I get 20-30 rolls out of a kit.
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Well yes I think I forgot what I had posted lol

Looks like it will be ilford all the way then, Hp4&D100

Might suck it up Amd buy the 100 pack, after I save of course, the camera is the main issue, I basically hit my limit and funds go dry this time of year till march as work slows :/

Sucks since I'll miss the fuji raise in cost... I think I'll shoot only B&W and Provia...maybe EKTAR? I wish color wasn't so expensive... The chemistry... Thats what holds me back with color films, I have 2 e-6 Amd 2 c-41 just waiting for me... One c-41 kit so want to amass 6-8 rolls before I kill it in one shot. And no E-6... Trying to figure out if 6 bath E-6 is viable for me as I have no experience with it.

Blah blah I digress too much...


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