Wow, so much information and so quickly, and on Christmas Eve to boot! Thank you so much. Brad I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and I will update my profile shortly. Thanks so much for the clarification on lenses, I think I'll look for a modern 210mm lens from Keh to begin with as the ones on Ebay all seem to have some issue or other.
Alan, thanks for the suggestion regarding a tripod, I will begin looking for a Majestic as soon as I finish typing this.
I'll let you know when all this kit arrives as I'm bound to have more questions but just while you are here, could I bother you with two more?
I understand that generally speaking a monorail will not be tilted or shifted for portraiture unless of course I want to deliberately change the focal plane as an artistic consideration. I'm anticipating that I will be using this camera bang on straight ahead directly in front of the subject for the most part. Is this the general situation with portraiture when using a view camera?
Just one more.
With my kind of portraiture obviously, a 5 x 4 frame is more suitable than 4 x 5. I believe that the ground glass on the later Camulets may be turned. Does this change the frame from landscape 4 x 5 to portrait 5 x 4 or do you have to turn the whole camera that way as in 35mm? Excuse my profound ignorance but this is one I forgot to ask and I can't get my head around it.
Thanks again Chris