"back in the Day" Kodak used to use a blue tape that loked like Masking tape without the crinkles. I was surprised the first time I ever peeled it ff, as it gave the Blue light effect. The Current White plastic stuff can't peel easaly so have to be cut. I can generaly break it right where it meets the spool.

I have traditionaly used Masking tape for bulk loading. I used to just buy the store brand, figuring that the expensive stuff is sold as being easy to remove, and for Bulk loading that is irrelivant. Film that I had in the freezer for 20 years still has the tape secure, but some of it shows why Eastman invented expriation dates..

My use cheep tape did bite me recently when I used an OLD roll of cheep tape and the adhesive did bleed. fortunatly it did not seem to get any images, but I had to use solvent to get the tape residue of the back of the film. Sill have not figured out how that transfer occured? Last time was the Green or Blue tape. (one roll done with each.) So far the "Painters Green" has a slight edge, but does not seem as sticky as the tape of old.

Only tried the clear scotch tape once, it did not seem to hold on the spool very well. I caught it slipping when I went to rewind and slow rewinding saved me from an unscheduled trip back to the adrkroom to unload.

Note that the White plastic Kodak tape leves residue on teh spool. I find that I can "dab" the tape back on teh residue to pick the adhesive off. I save my Kodak sppols as I like having the extra tape area compaired to the spools often provided that are intened to take a film end with a hole in the right spot. A real Niche product would be to make a film cutter/punch to shape the tail of the film to fit a commercial spool. The Kodak sppols fit and work in teh A-P reloadable metal cassettes. They bind in some of the platic cassettes.