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PKM- you can buy everything you need brand new. No need to go hunting around for it.

I use a 4x5 glass carrier and masks I made myself for smaller sizes that simply lay over the carrier. I am not aware of a specific glass carrier for medium format. Omega made a glass carrier for their older enlargers that should fit, but I find it much simpler to just use the 4x5 one. The 4550 has mixing boxes for 4x5, medium format (don't know specifically what size it is) and 35mm, which has a small condenser in it. The prints I get from 35mm negs are incredibly sharp, more than likely due to the hybrid diffusion/condenser arrangement. They are sharper than what I used to get from a medium format Saunders VCCE that was purely diffusion. It is in effect a similar system to the Leitz enlargers- large light source, one condenser.
This is true. In fact I bought a new 4550 two years ago through KHB. They have all the accessories, and what they don't have they'll make/modify for reasonable prices. They've done a few "alterations" for me to my specs.

They also sell Beseler stuff. In my experience they are very knowledgeable. They helped me with precise dimensions when I wanted to modify my carriers.

Anyhow, might be worth a call.