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There is only one original source of Scala film and that is AgfaPhoto. And even one of their competitors did not doubt their handling of that film.

Freezing film after manufacture is meanwhile not uncommon in the industry. Even Agfa did so and openly stated this. In first instance the time of freezing is not taken into account and the best-before date calculated from the date of thawing.
The film that I purchased has not arrived yet so I cannot examine the package closely for the moment, but the box appears to be marked simply "AGFA Scala 200X" and what appear to be notes about Scala processing. As far as I can tell there is no trademark AGFAPhoto. Do you know anything about sources marked in this fashion? I asked in an earlier post about the origins of the APX 100 that also is not not marked AGFAPhoto but is everywhere because I had assumed that someone had purchased a license to market it. And only God knows what is in the box. But this Scala thing is a little more confusing because there is a fair amount of it around, but it's not ubiquitous like the APX 100, and it indeed appears to be available only in limited quantities. Do you know anything about the authenticity, quality, or characteristics of the stuff simply marked "AGFA Scala 200X"? Thank you, and Merry Christmas!