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Good Evening-

I just bought a Bronica SQ-Ai in minty condition with the intention of using it for landscape photography. I would appreciate any suggestions that folks here may have regarding how to get the most out of this camera if I intend to convert negs to high res scans and post process digitally. I am particularly interested in suggestions for film (both color and B&W), processing labs and scanning.

I also would appreciate information concerning the best sources for lenses, backs and screens. I am familiar with KEH, B&H and Adorama. Are there any others? The camera comes with the standard 80mm lens and I would like to add a 40mm or 50mm.

Many thanks.

If you want to shoot C-41 (color print) film Kodak products are great. Portra is great for portraits. It is high resolution and it takes it easy on the contrast and saturation. It's very scannable. If you want something with a more saturation and contrast try Kodak Ektar.

You can use the Walmart send out service for medium format developing. They charge something like $0.84/roll for 120/220 C-41 processing, developing only. It's a couple of dollars more for some very mediocre proof prints. Don't be fooled by the proofs. Those 120 negatives of Portra are much higher resolution. I think they just scan them at a low resolution and then print.

For landscapes you may want to try something a bit more fun. Fuji Velvia 50 is very high in saturation and contrast. E-6 (slide) Processing is substantially more expensive I believe it is a bit under $5 a roll at Walmart. It really is something you should try out.