If you now shoot at f/5.6, to get the same depth of field you'll be stopping down to about f/22 on a Calumet. You may need to provide more light for this. You can also use faster film in a LF camera and still get fine quality.

Lens boards for the Calumet are easy to improvise from thin plywood with basic woodworking tools.

Over many decades I've accumulated several tripods, but almost always use an old American made Tiltall, not the newer imported models. Many other tripods would do as well. Price is not necessarily an indication of function and durability. Don't skimp on tripods. Cameras may come and go; a good tripod can last a lifetime.

The Calumet and Cambo are decent cameras, but so are many others such as the Graphic View II and the Burke & James. Rather than search for a specific brand and model, I'd settle for whatever is available in good condition at the right price. Often buying a view camera with a lens that fits your needs is cheaper than buying them seperately.

Knowledge is power. One or more good books on LF photography are worth their cost. This site and http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/ are treasure-troves of information.