lots of great ideas already presented. for Me I have all the cameras mentioned and all of them would be a great fit. I love the F4, it would meet all your needs but I'm getting la little tired of the weight of it with the 4s battery pack (the 6AA one). If you can find one with the 4AA pack get it (the problem is that the battery pack sells for about the same price as the camera!). The N80 is the camera I am shooting the most with recently. The small size, light weight, great meter and full use of G lenses is the reason. forget the battery issue. Either get the $20 AA grip or do what i did and buy a 20 pack of the A123 for $20 and shoot over 600 rolls, almost $5000 worth of velvia at the going rates before you need to buy more batteries.. The more I use the N90 the less I like it. Its ergonomics are nothing like any nikon I have used or will use. just has a funky layout and operational way about it. It works for other of course but for me I find that I have to spend a little too much time thinking about operating the camera and not shooting and composing. But it does give great results!

Get an N80. they are all over craigslist for under $50. then at least you can hold it and play with it before you buy it. it along with the F100 are the most like today's digital cameras. If you like the more manual style go with the the F4