Hi, welcome to APUG. I have a lot of medium format gear, mostly Mamiya's & Fuji's. I've used T Max 100 and Foma's 200 (marketed by Freestyle under their in house brands). I find that Tmax will give the best tonality, sharpness and consistency while the Foma product comes pretty close while giving a different rendition. It is also quite inexpensive. I've used Xtol, HC-110 dil B and Rodinal 1:50 with pretty good results. For prints, I've scanned due to space and time limitations. I find a wide angle lens is my favorite. On my 6x6 and 6x7 I've had excellent results with a moderate wide 65mm (Mamiya C330) and a wider 50mm (RB 67). You can also do a lot with the standard 80, which when used properly, can also render a wide angle point of view. In terms of procurement, I found the auction site and KEH the best. Haven't used Craig's List--can't comment on that.