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it seems to me that those who are really successful have found a niche within a niche. Or simply, you have to better everyone else and beat them to the sunrise.
Dominating a niche by producing top work within this unique niche is in my personal experience the number one way to make it in any area of photography in this day and age.

Once you think your work in this niche is good enough, get out of the mutual praise circles of sites like this and Flickr and get real portfolio reviews from highly regarded photographers who's work you admire. Nine out of ten aspiring photographers fail at turning the craft into a viable business because they fail to find a unique niche, vastly underestimate how much work is involved and quite often overestimate how good their work is mostly due to lack of critical review and instead rely on the endless showers of empty praise on Flickr.

There will be more Michael Kenna's in the world in going forward, but the manifestation of this level of success can not live in your head alone or even among your peers on APUG.....somehow everyone in line at an "American Idol" audition seems to think that they are the next one.....but only one wins.

Those are your odds right there....