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No myth. The deleted thread was not actually deleted- just misplaced. Or to be accurate, releted. Somewhere. We just haven't found it. I think Sean knows, but he ain't sayin'. To actually delete the deleted thread would have a serious mysterious deleterious effect on a comic- I mean cosmic scale (which I guess is used to measure really huge stuff).
Many members commented; some participated regularly. It predated most participants. I myself personally got drunker'n hell taking it over 3000 posts. Brian revealed an interesting anatomical fact about himself. Sirius of course instigated regularly. PE participated sometimes, giving it a legitimacy it could never have gotten from us lunks. Schroedinger got discussed, with some catty comments and hurt felines. Many puns were uttered- they had groan bad to the point of punishment. All in all, a theater of the absurd, with a bunch of bad actors. The moderators rolled their eyes and moved it around the site, but we always found it. It's rumored Jason Brunner once sprained his eyes from an involuntary roll.

Ironic it's mentioned in a thread about Kodachrome- huh, Sirius?
The deleted thread was always much better than the dreaded Kodachome has been deleted thread.