A blast from the past:
The Quite Ghastly Quarrelsome Gnome previously was deleted from the www.hasselblad.info forum.

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And re that forum thing: before you begin casting silly dispersions about other people, make sure you know what you are talking about.
I certainly do. I watched the train wreck coming for the year leading up to it. Why do you think I did not post my psychological profile of you?

So .
Are these chromatic dispersions, polarization dispersions, or is it a magenta tint ala the dreaded Kodak has deleted Kodachrome?

Are you having Optical delusions?

Are you having Chromatic delusions?

Are you having Polarization delusions?

Re: Want a Sirius laugh at Q.G.'s expense?
Maybe he should jump into a vat of molten glass and make an ash of himself!

So, he is banned from the 'Blad forum. Tsk.