Hi everybody,

I've been reading on Apug for a while, and thought somebody might be able to answer my problem.
I have a beseler 23c that I would like to use as my second enlarger. The problem is, if I use my 20x24 Saunders 4 blades easel, and try to print on a paper inserted in its dedicated slot on the easel, the projection from the enlarger is not centered to the paper. That means about 2 inches of the top of the image is not on the paper. I can't push back the easel as it is already against the frame of the enlarger.
This is not an alignment problem, but more I think because the head of the enlarger is too close to the frame holding it. I would be curious to hear from people who print using those tools, and know how they solve the problem.
Thanks, and merry Christmas to all.