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Sorry for the delay. I've been tied up with other things. This camera is in very nice condition showing very few signs of use other than some minor polishing of the leather covering in the usual places. It has a Graflok back and working Kart rangefinder with good mirror. The price depends on whether or not you need a lens board (or more than one), viewfinder with/without mask(s), and one or more sets of infinity stops. If you don't need anything but the camera itself then I'll sell it for $95 shipped to Iowa. If you're interested then I'll post photos in this thread.
I'm definitely interested. I won't use the rangefinder or viewfinder, just the glass. I will need a lens & working shutter however, film holders too. I'm looking for something in the 150-180mm range. I used to use a 15cm CZ Tessar with 3x4 and really liked it.