Please forgive me for being the odd man out, or Devil's advocate, or Old Crank if you prefer , but the only way I can see the Rolleifix preventing stress on the back plate is if a photographer tries to over-tighten the mounting screw on a tripod which has a platform upon which the Rollei would sit with it's little nubbed feet. Over tightening the tripod screw could, indeed, bend the bottom of the back plate away from the camera body. From an engineering standpoint, the Rolleifix would need another solid connection to the camera body around the bend on the back of the backplate. Since there is no such support or connection, I feel the Rolleifix is more of a quick-release plate than a backplate savor, although I can see that it would help prevent some force being applied to the bottom of the backplate if the camera were struck from the side when on a tripod. Too, the Rolleifix plate would have no effect on the backplate when the camera is opened for film changing, when -- I very strongly suspect -- most of the back plate ending occurs. The Rolleifix also seems a great implement for destroying the finish on your Rollei.

I've mounted my Rollei on a ballhead for years without damaging anything, and an Arca-Swiss plate is no different from a screw-in ballhead.

Kindly feel free to correct me if my logic seems ass-backwords.

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The Rolleifix is more than just a quick release plate. The Rolleiflex backs bend easily, and the Rolleifix protects the back from stress.