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Probably like most things it boils down to personal preference. That's the neat thing about film. You buy one camera. Then you sample different emulsions and find the one that works for YOU. B&W is even more interesting because you can process at home and the variety of developers and developing techniques is endless.

Some people like grain. Some people avoid it most of the time. Some people like Rodinal. Some people like XTOL. Some people mix XTOL in Rodinal. I think the key is to get some factual data points and then experiment.

I think you should get a roll of TriX and a roll of Tmax and give them both a try. Decide for yourself which one YOU like. Unlike digital where people talk solely about resolution most of the time. Film is about the overall look. Resolution is important... to some of us, but the overall look is what will guide most people.
Thanks for the reply. Wonderful suggestions, of course and I intend to compare several films. I am more interested in tonality than in grain structure so he Ilford films also will be on the list.