On a early sunrise whale-watching cruise this morning here in Maui (here with the family for vacation) amongst the inevitable Nikon and Canon DSLRs people were using was a teenage girl, perhaps 17 yrs old or so, with an old Nikkormat SLR, I think an FT with a 50/1.8 Nikkor-H lens. I asked her which model body it was but she said, "Its a 35mm film camera", in an offhand way that sort of seemed to indicate she was sick of answering questions about her film camera. I asked her what film she was shooting. She said color. And then said the battery died so she has to wait until its light enough to shoot. ?? End of conversation as she and her friend moved on. Oh well. So much for what I hoped would be an interesting conversation but it was good seeing such a young person using a classic old SLR film camera.