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That is ok if you never want to own a home or pay for college for your childern. I was being sirius not serious when I posted that siriusly.
um ... own our own home, sent one kid through college and the other through professional training AND are saving college funds for the grand kids.

No home debt, no credit card debt, cars both paid for and haven't bought a car on time in 30 years. We bought the house on a 15 year mortgage and paid it off in 12 and haven't looked back.

you CAN do it. You just have to live like those millionaires a few others have described -- never buy new cars, use a timex watch, eschew frivolities (except Leicas) and never waste money on cable TV or "smart" phones that cost you $150 a month.

oh yeah, and I'm a journalist, and my wife, when I married her, was a welfare mother.