That's a great story about your Uncle! What an amazing gentleman. Just FYI he *can* get film for his polaroid land camera unless it's one of the very old ones that takes roll film. Fuji makes the pull-apart film and the Impossible project makes the pop out (integrated?) film. It's folks like your Uncle is what makes me so angry when politicians say that they "didn't build that" or want to raise taxes on them.

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Yes, my uncle started with nothing back in 1962, and after 50 years of working 12 hours a day, often 6 days a week, he is a millionaire. He sent all of his kids to university (he couldn't afford such an education for himself), and he eventually built a nice house for his wife. But he has never owned a new car, he wears a Timex watch, and yes, he does shop at Walmart. He would never buy a Leica camera, no doubt he was a little heartbroken when he could no longer get film for his old Polaroid Land camera. It's interesting that many of his employees own new cars, and wear nicer clothes and watches, but then again, they will never become millionaires.

Most millionaires in America are small business people, not bankers, doctors, or lawyers, and becoming a successful small businessperson requires a lot of sacrifice and risk. These people generally don't part with their money for frivolous things, and Leicas are certainly frivolities.

That said, I own, and have owned many Leicas, and I have always managed to sell them for at least a small profit. In my case, Leica cameras have been good investments.