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An old Nikkormat is more likely to be an FTN than an FT. The letter N is separated from the letters FT. There was no 50/1.8 Nikkor-H lens. By the time the 50/1.8 AI Nikkor came out Nikon was no longer using the letter desgnation to show how many elements the lens had. The last Nikkor H was the 50mm f/2. Following that lens were the HC, 'K' and AI models. All of the 50mm lenses slower than f/1.4 after that were f/1.8 models.

I often find myself the only one shooting film in a crowd but I have not been 17 for some time. I recently gave my 17 year old son an overhauled Minolta SRT 201 with a 50/1.7 MD Rokkor-X, an MR-9 adapter, a fresh 386 silver oxide battery and a nice strap. I gave him my only 201 with the split image screen. I think he's taking to it slowly.
Yeah, was probably an -N and the f/2 lens.