My 80mm f/4 macro "N" is my most recent acquisition, and I like it a lot.

I've shot it at a variety of distances, and find it performs very well.

The downsides of the lens are minor, but worth considering:

1) it is bigger and heavier than the 80mm f/2.8 version, and takes bigger (67mm) filters and lens caps;
2) as a macro lens, it has a very long focus "throw" - it may, therefore, be less suitable for quick action or weddings; and
3) it is a bit more expensive.

I deal with all the above by having a 110mm f/2.8 as an alternate.

The images below were shot on Ektachrome E100G and then scanned (medium resolution) by a lab. I then re-sized all the files up to a size suitable for 12" x 16" RA4 prints. For APUG, I re-sized the attachments to fit within the site's restrictions.

Hope this helps.