a friend gave a gift of 2 5 roll un-opened pro packs of fuji fortia 35mm. he bought them new from a high end store in japan (dont know which one) this year in October. I have done as much research as i can, seeing that there is not much info available regarding this film. So i have a few questions

1) what do you think storage would be like at the camera store? I assume it would be pretty good. film has an exp date of 2006
2) I know this is a way out overdone HDR type film which was developed for the cherry blossoms in japan. What type of subjects would be ideal? landscape? greens? reds?
3) from what i read, the box in japanese says to shoot the film at ISO 64. has anyone any experience?
4) should I just shut up, shoot one roll of various things, develop it and see for myself?

happy holidays to all!