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...My second call was to an 8-screen theater, slightly further away, that's part of a different chain. Its manager responded that projection was 100% film. I thanked her, then asked that she let the owners know this answer was a good one and the reason I'd be going to their establishment rather than the competition's. She sounded pleased and committed to pass my input along.
Almost 11 months later we just returned from viewing "Lincoln" at the same theater. By coincidence, I sat next to the manager's father-in-law and discussed my film/digital projection preferences. He said that some of the screens had now gone completely digital, but the room we were in was still using film for features. I repeated my sentiment for film (and promised to watch DVDs at home rather than patronize a theater that went all digital) in the hope that he'd pass it along to his son-in-law.

The film was wonderful. However, I can't help but wonder if it's the last motion picture I'll ever see properly projected in a theater.