The battery is not an issue. My Olympus OM's require the same and 625 hearing aid batteries with an insulated wire as a spacer works well, especially givenue the crazy price for wein cells, at least imho since I see no benefit. My OM meters are all pretty spot on and the batteries are crazy cheap, especially Walgreens brand on sale. Since I mostly shoot LF and my prior RZ PRO-II didn't have a prism, using my 528 when on a tripod will be the norm anyway. For handheld the hearing aid battery will work great. I found some Rollei filters and will slowly build enough to cover my typical B&W work, which for this camera's purpose will bea few yellow to red along the 12 to 25 range and a light green. I will pick up an adapter to use my 67mm filters for tripod mounted cases where I don't care if it intrudes with the viewing lens. I plan to use this mostly as a "point n shoot" as most of my serious 6x work is done via graflock backs on my Chamonix.

I haven't posted much on APUG due to limited time. I spend most of what little free time i have on lfpf. I greatly appreciate the tips and feedback guys, it seems as if I'm good to go on this one. Aside from those mentioned, anyone have any other gotchas I should know about on this camera? I hear a lot of positive feedback on it.


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