Hi guys,

I more or less inherited the 500cm I'm using along with a 80 & 150mm C T* lens kit. I like them both, but I'm having some trouble deciding what to plan on for the future.

In the 35mm world I am very much a fan of a 35/85mm combo, which has me wondering if I should sell the 80 and get a 60mm for a two lens kit. Or should I keep the 80 and add a 50mm? I know the 50/80/150 kit was quite popular.

The next question then is do I upgrade to the CF lenses for an easier time focusing? I just want to plan things out in advance so I'm not doing a lot of unnecessary buying & selling.

Separate and final question: are there any reputable service people in the Southern California area whom I could have a CLA done with on my body and backs?