Good morning!

Here's hoping somebody can help

I've not developed a film for 25 years, have recently sold my digital and gone back to film.

The detail below is from a frame using Kentmere 400, developed in D74 1:15 for 7 mins, fixed in AG Plus for 6 mins, and scanned from neg on a HP Scanjet 4850.


The entire frame is here:

I don't ever remember (ok, it was years ago) with ID11 ever seeing this effect. Can anybody comment on this? - I'm sure there's something I've done wrong - and I think the frame is rather low contrast as well - suggesting that 7 mins was too short? The packet suggested that Kentmere at 320 should be 5.25 mins (and HP5 at 320 fr 5 mins), yet elsewhere a D74 datasheet gives (for example) HP5 400 1:15 at 8.5 mins.