Hello everyone,
I saw several mentions of a homemade Point & Shoot 4x5" cameras. For example:
the Clyde-O-Wide made by Clyde Butcher.

I would like to try to build one myself and I have two questions.

1) Does anyone have a plan for one of these camera I can use? Since there is no bellows I suppose it is a fixed focus (set for eternity?).
But what distance do I need between the rear element of the lens and the film plane to get anything in focus (like landscapes)?

2) What types of lenses are suitable? Clyde uses "a fixed 38mm Super AngulonXL lens that has helical focus".
Does "helical focus" means that the lens has an internal system for focusing (instead of extending a bellow)?

If anyone would be so kind to help me, I thank you very much!!

"Have fun and catch that light beam!"
Bert from Holland