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There is always something out there to learn. I think any serious artist should be relentless that way, whether the art is a hobby or a profession.
Thanks, Michael. My own struggle has been to find a good balance between when it's a good time to learn new things, to experiment, and when it's a good time to just 'do'. It's the latter part that has suffered mostly, where I still don't have any of my major projects printed up as a portfolio, after all these years, because I've been a little bit obsessive with the quality of my prints, and not focusing enough on just getting things done. It's a hell of a balance act, if you ask me. Some do it naturally and just print away. I am so easily distracted that I have to force myself to get into the groove of printing.
I sometimes feel like somebody needs to lock me into the darkroom for a few days, find a way to feed me, and provide me with nothing but the same paper and developer once in a while, and basically send me one negative at a time. That's the sort of mental rigor I need to get anywhere, because there is always this 'what if' thing banging around behind the frontal lobe...

Thanks very much for sharing your impression.