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So you said the provenance of the movie being film... But what about digital projections of said film? Seems a silly thing if the actual end isn't also film...
Lincoln was originated on Kodak film, as is Spielberg's preference. Sadly, other theaters in my area are digitally projecting it. I lucked out that the particular room in the theater we attended yesterday is still using film.

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...I'm fairly sure the original film is digitalized anyway in order to edit it, then turned film again after... Seems kind of silly to be so particular when it's all digitalized anyway...
Some of Lincoln's scenes were digitally edited. However, there's a huge difference between the quality of such non-real-time, extreme resolution, high dynamic range work and the low-res, restricted dynamic range digital projection systems being foisted on theaters today, effectively locking in crap technology for a long, long time due to high installation cost.

It's a pity distributors have coerced exhibitors into this. I guess, in the US at least, it is simply one more example of the public's complete lack of interest in (or ability to discern) quality.