Lots of great suggestions and I have been throught the same thing as you....here's my two cents. Tried the N80, great camera but thought I needed something better (which I didn't)....so got the N90, heavy and sturdy camera for not being a pro model. Great choice as pretty much everyone has said particularly if you are on a budget. Around the same time I got an F4S which is a wonderful camera, but the N90 was much faster AF, but as said, expandability is greater for F4. For grins (and because they were SO cheap) got a N75. It is so light wieght that it is amazing and takes all the new modern "G" lenses too. Final and last film purchase was my F5. Glad I did too. It has fast autofocus, all the abilities I will ever be able to use or grow into and it was about the same or less that I spent on my F4S some 4 years ago.

Bottom line for me is there is no big wrong choice here to make. I think you can see that from everyone's remarks. I would recommend if you have the cash get the F5 or look for a pristine N90 and you will NOT be dissappointed by either purchase. Film bodies are almost at a giveaway pricepoint anymore. Get them while the getting is good!!

Bob E.