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Could you guys refresh the memory on what this discussion is all about. Some wonderful photographic miracle, I expect, but in all truth, the significance is lost on me. Holography?? Color screens?? (I plead groggy stupidity from too much holiday cheer.)
With the decline and expected demise of color emulsions, there is a renewed interest in known chromophores and materials that are like dyes and are being used in the so-called nanotech sector, today. I work in that field and Umut has found several interesting articles and papers about photonic effects of nanoparticles, for instance. Reading through these, it is exciting to see today's researchers refer to such things as silver halides. (even though they sometimes act like they discovered them).

Our group and others are working or seriously studying new and alternative color processes. For instance, we have a direct positive monochrome process that we think could also be used for color. It is very unlike anything produced before and uses nanotech techniques. A lot happens at the photonic scale where sizes of things such as thin films and particles are in the order of 200nm to about 2000nm in size.

It is all about making film for film cameras, such as 4x5 cameras.