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.. and then in the darkroom I don't have to fight a negative with too low or too high contrast, poor shadow detail, or density that I can't shine through with the enlarger.
One of my best images is from the first roll of Konica IR I shot. I had guessed on the exposure, and so overexposed the film. It's a beautiful shot of a small, high waterfall surrounded by trees in a narrow canyon. (Washington, Hwy 20, just before the Diablo Dam there's a scenic turnout on either side of a steel bridge.) The water was right, the light was really good, and a small tree (now slid off) was growing on a little bluff. The negative is "thick as a brick," but it's all I have.

I love infrared, and getting a "perfect" negative is something that I just don't try to do with it. I just try to get something on the film, and then work with it.