For sale is a Norita 66 with standard lens 2/80 and non-metered prism finder. This outfit comes with all original caps, original strap, original package and user's manual. The serial numbers on the package match those on the camera body and the lens respectively.
As to the condition: The whole outfit was never used. the lens is in absolute pristine condition. Focusing and aperture rings operate smooth. No dust, no haze, no scratches (neither on the barrel, nor on the aperture blades), no cleaning marks, no oil/other fluids, no separation. No fungus.
The finder and the camera body show some minor signs of imperfect manufacturing quality which Norita Kogaku was quite well known for. Maybe a treatment can improve that.
For real use the camera body needs new light seals and maybe also shutter adjustment or CLA. The shutter curtain might have to be replaced, it is showing some marks from pressure.
On the bottom plate's right corner there is an 8mm long brassing which is the only sign of treatment by a user.
The package is not that beautiful but still makes this collector's item complete.
All in all this may be the best preserved Norita 66 outfit you will be able to find ever or at least for years.
Therefore I sell this item for best offer.

I'll add some photos later.