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Stand development can be finicky. I've tried Diafine a few times over the years - still have a fairly ancient mix lurking in the back of my chemistry shelf - but always had trouble getting even development. Since I'm happy with D-76, it wasn't worth the time and hassle to keep testing to try to find an agitation technique that would make it behave for me.
Diafine isn't for "stand" developing, and I've never, ever, had uneven results. Did you follow the instructions? It is sensitive to over agitation, but does need some - just what it says. I invert for ten seconds initially then two inversions every minute.

3 minutes A plus 3 minutes B is standard but as folks have pointed out some films need 4+4 or 5+5. Within reason more time doesn't change anything so you can do 5+5 for all films if you want and develop different types together.