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Go here http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/calumet_2.html and read. The dimensions are on page 8. The CC-401 is the longest Calumet.

I suspect that the only posters in this thread who actually have a Calumet view camera are me and Mr. Jones. I have a CC-401. Those of you who don't have one should read the catalog (the link is in this post) so that in the future you'll post less silly advice.
Thanks for that, No I do not have a Calumet, but unless they have managed to change the laws of physics what has having a Calumet got to do with my post, and at which point does it become silly exactly? I suspect many new users of large format cameras are not immediately aware of the requirement of allowing for the bellows extension and are thus surprised when their first attempts are under-exposed.