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Some day I hope to be in your shoes, Bob. Not literally, of course, since I believe my size foot would make it uncomfortable... But I admire your drive and ability.
In reference to the balance between technique (including the what if thing) and creative output, a big part of the problem in my case is a sheer lack of time. Since photography is not my day job, and even within the list of hobbies it comes after music for me, it is often quite hard to delve into some technical rat hole and still keep up the art. So I have to accept a lower level of output and a little less excitement if I want to be at the top of the game technically. That's the balance I had to strike. Given how all-consuming the arts are in terms of time, experimentation, practice and study, if you can't spend all day every day doing it, something has to give. Either you focus on the doing, accept that you might not master every conceivable technique, and enjoy yourself, or you spend a little more time on technical stuff and accept that you might not churn out tons of work. For my type of personality, with obsessive perfectionist tendencies, the latter is the only way to go. Most other people would probably prefer to accept a little less technical quality and do more.